How to Achieve and Ace the ‘Au Naturale’ Makeup Look

How to Achieve and Ace the ‘Au Naturale’ Makeup Look

Everyone wants to look naturally beautiful. Gone are the days when masking yourself with heavy-duty makeup was considered impressive. New ideals of beauty preach to exhibit your imperfections unabashedly.

The 'au naturale' look owns its humongous fanbase right among celebrities, off-duty models, to modern-age brides. There's something uniquely attractive about being effortless.

Unfortunately, not every person is blessed with good skin genetics. A little makeup here and there will even out your skin tone, bringing out a natural, healthy glow. If you're planning to attend a breezy brunch, work party, or even a reception, this barely-there makeup look will go like a bomb. 

As a cherry on top, It doesn't ask for using tonnes of makeup, leaving your skin happy and breathing.



Here are the 8 steps I follow to ace an undetectable 'no-makeup' makeup look every time.


  1. Cleanse.

It all starts with a clean canvas. Preparing your skin the right way is the most important step in achieving a natural look. I use a mild exfoliator to scrub off all the dead skin cells, excess oil, or dirt followed by a face wash to cleanse everything thoroughly. This instantly brightens up my face revealing the baby soft skin beneath.




  1. Plump & Protect.

Once cleansed, it is time to restore and seal the skin's hydration. First, apply serum based on whichever actives you're using (vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, retinoid, etc.). I'm currently using vitamin C. After this, I go for a mattifying lotion since I have oily, acne-prone skin. For dry/mature skin, a heavier, cream-based moisturizer works best. Don't forget to revitalize your eyes with an under-eye gel/cream. A plump, glowy, glass-like skin is what you'll see. Lastly, I seal everything in with a high SPF sunscreen that won't leave any white cast.





  1. Blend the base.

After good skincare, we are ready to proceed with makeup. Honestly, I skip this particular step but if you're someone struggling with spots, pigmentation, or blemishes, go ahead. Dot your concealer over targeted areas and tap it using fingers, sponge, or brush until completely absorbed. Layer it with a light coverage liquid foundation to smoothen the unevenness. The trick is to flawlessly blend the base products, almost creating a second skin.




  1. Flush with Blush.

A soft touch of blush adds a natural flush of colour to your face. Powdery blushes look gorgeous on oily skin, while cream ones seamlessly blend onto dry skin. I swirl a little bit of blush around the apples of my cheek, with the residue product on the nose. You can also use lip-and-cheek tints to match your cheeks and pout. Don't go overboard, take a tiny amount of product and work on it. A subtle pop of colour like this will give you the most alluring blush.




  1. Get glowing.

Highlighters rule our hearts, don't they? They do wonders when it comes to achieving that luminous glow. Note that for a natural sheen, the shade of your highlighter must melt into your complexion. For instance, a golden-hued highlighter will appear too showy during the daytime. The best product would illuminate your skin naturally, without adding much colour. I usually highlight the center of my face, cheekbones, and temples. A little dab on brow bones and tear ducts elevates the dewiness.





  1. Brush & Curl.

Focusing on minimalism, I prefer to enhance my facial features without any excessive makeup. For the definition, I curl my eyelashes thoroughly with an eyelash curler. One light swipe of mascara is enough to add volume and extension. Coming to eyebrows, I simply brush a brow-gel through them, following my hair's natural direction that effectively lengthens and tames them.





  1. Let lips talk.

A pair of plump, moist lips with a hint of colour is one of the most enchanting, unmissable elements of a no-makeup makeup look. Always remember to gently scrub them before applying anything. I first glide a tinted lip balm across my lips and then dab the product a little outwards using my finger for fuller-looking lips.





  1. Lock the look.

Finally, spray a refreshing face-mist or setting spray to lock all the makeup. This will save makeup from melting, avoid creases and pores, giving a smooth finish. An important step especially if you're wearing makeup for long hours.




Bonus tip :

Don’t forget to apply all the skincare and makeup products on the neck area to maintain an even look.


The quintessence of a no-makeup makeup look is to have a fresh, juicy face with a healthy glow and airbrushed skin.

Also, makeup is personal. What works for my skin type may or may not work for yours. Feel free to play with different products and steps and see what looks best on you.


It's all about having fun!



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